Warangal, December 9

Vigilance officials have seized 14,000 bags of adulterated chilli powder worth Rs. 2,000 crore stacked in cold storages across Warangal district. The officials arrested 11 persons in this regard.

The culprits were manufacturing chilli powder by crushing the stems of low quality chillies and mix artificial colour to it. While some others would import saw dust, chemicals and artificial colour.

chilli powder

Since one month, the vigilance sleuths had unearthed several adulterated chilli powder cases in Khammam, Guntur, Krishna districts in Andhra Pradesh. The spurious chilli powder was being supplied from Khammam to Guntur, Vijayawada and Warangal districts.

Recently 1.40 lakh bags of chilli seeds worth Rs. 5 crore, stored in cold storage in Wyra were seized. Also, 20,000 bags of raw material in Mudigonda; two lorry loads of adulterated powder in Krishna district; and 130 bags worth Rs. 40 lakh from GVR cold storage in Duggirala of Guntur district were seized so far.

Doctors warned that low quality adulterants will have devastating effects on the health. It was alleged that officials are conducting raids for name sake since these culprits have political leaders’ support.