Warangal, December 20

Vigilance and police officials found out that adulterated chilli powder rampant in Warangal district. Several chilli powder making units are running in and around Enumamula with Gorrekunta as the centre of business. Along with these units, a few other units had started preparing spurious chilli powder.

They are preparing the powder with the stems of mirchi and adding chemicals to get the colour. This powder would be stored in cold storages and transported to other areas.

chilli powder rampant

The locals alleged that the officials were neglecting the criminal activities even though several people are preparing spurious chilli powder rampant openly in Enumamula and Gorrekunta areas. They pointed out that the officials are filing cases on a few people only and leaving the key persons in the illegal business out by taking bribes.

But officials have denied the allegations and said they would not spare anyone if they resorted to irregularities.

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