Warangal, May 25

After Hyderabad, Warangal city is developing fast on all fronts. Like Hyderabad, Warangal also has several tourist and historical places. The famous Ramappa temple, thousand pillar temple, Pakala lake, Laknavaram lake and many more tourism spots are drawing the tourists every year.

But all the visitors complain about lack of transport facilities to these places. There are no facilities if the people want to have a summer vacation at these places along with their families.

The tourism department has run mini buses from Warangal to various tourist spots in last summer and other holidays but later cancelled them.


It also offered special packages a few years ago and slowly cancelled them. There are no special tour packages in Warangal. Interested people will travel in private cars and buses, which will make a heavy dent in their purses.

Neither tourism minister Chandulal and tourism development corporation chairman Pervaram Ramulu, both belonging to Warangal, are taking lead in developing tourism industry in the district. Officials also following their footsteps.

According to officials, the department had incurred loss when it ran mini buses and special tour packages. With the recent increase in tourists rush, they are preparing proposals for making suitable arrangements, they said.

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